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NVLSP Wins $2 Billion in Medical Care Benefits for Hundreds of Thousands of Veterans

Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims ruling will stand, NVLSP offers advice for veterans with prior denials for emergency medical care reimbursement

NVLSP has won $2 billion for hundreds of thousands of veterans who received emergency medical care outside the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and were wrongfully denied reimbursement by the VA for the emergency medical expenses they incurred. In a congressional hearing on Wednesday, June 14, 2017, VA Secretary David Shulkin announced that the VA would “voluntarily withdraw” its appeal in the legal case, Staab v. Shulkin, that required VA to reimburse these veterans. [more]

Released 6/16/17 | Tags: Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, Veteran's Benefits

Court Rules That VA Has Shortchanged Veterans Since 2009 by Denying Reimbursement

US Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims Agrees with NVLSP Argument

WASHINGTON – On Friday, a unanimous three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims struck down a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) regulation that VA had been relying upon since 2009 to deny reimbursement requests from veterans who incurred emergency medical care costs outside the VA healthcare system. The Court’s decision rebuked the VA, emphasizing that VA’s reimbursement regulation became “wholly inconsistent” with the governing statute when Congress amended it in 2009, but thereafter the VA unlawfully “declined to remedy this inconsistency.” [more]

Released 4/11/16 | Tags: Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims

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Ruling on ‘Undiagnosed Pain’ Case May Benefit Veterans

Released 4/16/18 at The Military Report (Military.com) | Tags: Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims

For years, the non-profit National Veterans Legal Services Program (NVLSP) screened Board of Veterans' Appeals decisions, seeking a case involving denial of disability compensation to a veteran suffering from chronic service-related pain but due to a condition that doctors couldn't diagnose. Such a case has arisen, and its outcome, if it stands, could benefit thousands of veterans who have had VA compensation claims for pain denied for lack of a medical diagnosis. [more]

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