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First of its kind app helps veterans determine specific VA benefits

NVLSP Launches Free Mobile and Web Based App to Assist Military Veterans and Advocates with Potential VA Benefits Claims First of its kind app helps veterans determine specific VA benefits FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – December 14, 2017 WASHINGTON – National Veterans Legal Services Program … [more]

Released 12/14/17 | Tags: Veteran's Benefits

NVLSP Wins $2 Billion in Medical Care Benefits for Hundreds of Thousands of Veterans

Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims ruling will stand, NVLSP offers advice for veterans with prior denials for emergency medical care reimbursement

NVLSP has won $2 billion for hundreds of thousands of veterans who received emergency medical care outside the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and were wrongfully denied reimbursement by the VA for the emergency medical expenses they incurred. In a congressional hearing on Wednesday, June 14, 2017, VA Secretary David Shulkin announced that the VA would “voluntarily withdraw” its appeal in the legal case, Staab v. Shulkin, that required VA to reimburse these veterans. [more]

Released 6/16/17 | Tags: Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, Veteran's Benefits

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Veteran Article

Released 2/8/17 at WMBF | Tags: Veteran's Benefits

There are approximately 4.5 million veterans in the United States. These men and women, our family, friends, and neighbors, risked their lives to keep us safe at home. Many of them suffer, physically and emotionally, long after they have left the fighting behind. Thankfully, there are organizations available to help veterans, active duty military and their families overcome the hardships they may face. [more]

PACER Users Win Class Certification In Fee-Challenging Suit

Released 1/24/17 at Law360 | Tags: Class Actions, Veteran's Benefits

A Washington, D.C., federal judge on Tuesday certified a class of potentially hundreds of thousands of PACER users in three nonprofit groups' suit alleging the government is illegally making a profit on the court records service, ruling nonprofits can adequately represent all PACER users.In a 19-page memorandum opinion, U.S. District Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle granted the motion for class certification filed by plaintiffs the National Veterans Legal Services Program, the National Consumer Law Center and Alliance for Justice in their suit alleging PACER's fees violated the E-Government Act and seeking a refund of any overcharges. [more]

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