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US Asks To Appeal Ruling It Misspent $200M In PACER Fees

The federal government has urged a District of Columbia federal court to greenlight an appeal of a decision finding that the government misused $200 million in fees for users of its Public Access to Electronic Court Records system, saying the damages calculations would likely be so time-consuming that it would be more efficient to appeal the users' win now. [more]

Released 7/16/18 | Tags: Class Actions

Pentagon sending letters to more than 130,000 owed tax refund on disability pay

The Defense Department has identified more than 130,000 veterans released from military service following injuries who may be owed more than $1,700 each in tax refunds after the Pentagon incorrectly withheld money from their disability pay, officials said Monday. Letters were sent this month by the IRS notifying 130,062 veterans that the federal agency might have improperly collected taxes on their lump sum disability severance pay issued between 1991 and 2016, said Army Lt. Col. David Dulaney, the executive director of the Armed Forces Tax Council. Veterans who were sent the letter, which should arrive in the coming weeks, will have one year from the letter’s date to file their amended tax refund claim. [more]

Released 7/16/18 | Tags: Congressional Legislation

Some veterans can get new tax refund

The federal government is urging some 133,000 veterans who had money improperly withheld from their severance payments for combat-related injuries or other disability compensation to apply for tax refunds. In some cases the improper withholding dates as far back as 1991. The Department of Defense (DOD) is sending letters to the eligible veterans this month, stating the amount of the disability payment and telling them what to do to receive a refund. Survivors of veterans who would have been eligible for this refund may also app [more]

Released 7/16/18 | Tags: Congressional Legislation

IRS owes tax refunds to 133,000 injured veterans

The Internal Revenue Service is preparing to send millions of dollars in tax refunds to veterans who received disability severance payments starting in 1991.The tax refunds are the result of a 2016 law known as the Combat-Injured Veterans Tax Fairness Act (see Combat-injured veterans receiving special tax refund). More than 133,000 injured vets may qualify for the tax refunds, according to the National Veterans Legal Services Program, originally estimated to amount to $78 million but now thought to be much more than that sum. The tax refunds are expected to average $1,750 or more, according to CBS News. [more]

Released 7/13/18 | Tags: Congressional Legislation

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