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Oklahoma National Guard airman stands to lose medical insurance after cancer diagnosis

In early 2014, as his Oklahoma Air National Guard unit ramped up for a Middle East deployment, Senior Airman Jesse Daniels noticed he wasn't feeling well. He got tired after just a few minutes on his feet. He couldn't walk more than 20 feet without getting winded and feeling his heart racing. He never made it to the Middle East. But Daniels still found himself in a fight for his life. Eventually Daniels, now 27, would be diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer. [more]

Released 3/7/16 | Tags:

Veterans Gain Support in Fight to Bring Class Actions

NVLSP, The American Legion, law professors and former VA attorneys filed briefs urging the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims to allow class action lawsuits to be filed at the court. Read the full article at The Wall Street Journal. [more]

Released 12/30/15 | Tags:

Our 17 Favorite Events of 2015

Over its 35 years, the National Veterans Legal Services Program has helped veterans obtain $4.5B in benefits. Its benefit reception honored people including NVLSP founder David Addlestone, who's spent his entire career fighting for veterans' rights. [more]

Released 12/23/15 | Tags:

NVLSP and Advocates Back Military Family’s Feres Doctrine Challenge

NVLSP and The American Legion filed briefs urging the Supreme Court to hear the case of a military child whose medical malpractice suit was dismissed because her injuries stemmed from complications during birth from her active duty mother. Read the full article at MilitaryTimes.com [more]

Released 12/21/15 | Tags:

Watchdog, whistleblower on wishlist for VA IG nominee

NVLSP's Ron Abrams talks with Federal News Radio on Michael Missal's nomination to be the new Inspector General at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. When asked what advocates think a new IG should be doing Abrams says: “He needs to hire the right people to delve into the VA and he has to have enough support from the administration so that he can expose this and have reassurances that they will act,” said Ron Abrams, joint executive director at the National Veterans Legal Services Program. “That’s what we’re hoping for. He has to be competent enough to hire people with the right background. He has to hire people who understand the purpose of this. It’s a sacred trust. The VA is supposed to take care of those who risked their lives for us.” Abrams, a former legal consultant to the VA’s Compensation and Pension Service (C&P), said an ideal inspector general would be someone “who knows how to turn over rocks and look for bad things, can hire people to do that, and enough backing to change what is a corrupt bureaucracy. We want somebody honest, and it looks like this guy’s honest. We want someone who will hire people with enough knowledge that they won’t be hoodwinked or deceived by bureaucrats in the VA.” [more]

Released 11/17/15 | Tags: Veteran's Benefits

Remembering Our Living Veterans

The United States sets aside one day each year—this day—to honor the women and men who have served our nation by swearing an oath and donning the military uniform. Our brave soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen often encounter tragedy and violence on an incomprehensible scale and return home carrying the terrible weight of those experiences. [more]

Released 11/11/15 | Tags:

Vietnam Vet Keeps Serving Fifty Years On

It's been 50 years since Army Specialist 4 Gary Colletti finished his tour in Vietnam as one of the early U.S. military advisors in the rapidly escalating conflict. Today he’s back in “service,” helping veterans of all wars receive the benefits they earned from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. [more]

Released 11/10/15 | Tags: Veteran's Benefits

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