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Letter to the Editor: Agent Orange

One of NVLSP’s jobs is to make sure the VA pays the survivors of Vietnam veterans the disability benefits the veteran is owed due to the veteran’s exposure to Agent Orange. [more]

Released 5/19/15 | Tags:

Best Cities for Lawyers

Amy Odom, the director of litigation for the National Veterans Legal Services Program, said D.C. is great place for attorneys to network and that it’s obviously more immune to an economic downturn in the industry. [more]

Released 5/19/15 | Tags: Staff

Veterans Waiting Years Just for Their Records, VA Lawsuit Asserts

Washington, DC: Veterans Affairs (The VA) continues to claim it is making strides in clearing the backlog of applications for VA disability benefits. However, according to one VA benefits lawsuit that’s less than a week old, there is still a long way to go. Veterans Waiting Years Just for Their Records, VA Lawsuit AssertsA handful of vets from various states are suing The VA with help from consumer advocacy group Public Citizen and the National Veterans Legal Services Program. At issue is the delay in receiving requested documentation from the VA that is needed to determine accurate benefits. [more]

Released 4/27/15 | Tags: Veteran's Benefits

VSO clarifies claims change (The Dalles Chronicle)

Several national veterans’ groups have filed a lawsuit against the federal government claiming the Department of Veterans Affairs has eliminated its informal claims application process, which has been used in the award of about half of all benefits and compensation. [more]

Released 4/24/15 | Tags:

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