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Witness Testimony of Barton F. Stichman, Esquire, Joint Executive Director, NVLSP

The backlog of claims appeals has been continually growing at the VA. The time it takes from the filing of the initial appeal document – the Notice of Disagreement (NOD) -- to the issuance of an initial Board of Veterans’ Appeal (BVA) decision is exceedingly long -- 1,255 days in FY 2013 (that is, more than 3 years and 5 months) according to the BVA Chairman. [more]

Released 1/22/15 | Tags: Testimony

American Legion Appoints First Female Executive Director (Military.com)

For the first time in its nearly 100-year history The American Legion has a woman executive director, the Legion confirmed. Verna L. Jones may also be the first African-American in the position – something Legion spokesman Marty Callaghan said the organization is trying to confirm. [more]

Released 11/5/14 | Tags:

Veteran Chooses Jail Over Giving His Disability Money to Ex-Wife

A southwest Florida veteran went to jail Wednesday in order to keep all of his VA disability check. It's all because he and his wife are divorcing and she wants half. Under federal law, the money is exempt from alimony payments. But state law says she may be entitled to it. ABC 7 contacted the National Veterans Legal Service Program in Washington D.C. They say it's an issue which has been argued across the country. U.S. Title 38 says VA benefits are exempt from taxation, claims of creditors, and other legal processes. It makes no exception for alimony. [more]

Released 9/18/14 | Tags:

Debate Over Veteran Deaths Could Affect VA Claims

Although it seems certain that VA hospitals offered substandard care to veterans, some of whom died while waiting months for treatment, getting compensation in court is likely to prove a tough fight for the stream of veterans and survivors expected to sue the government in the coming months. “If you give people the impression that this is easy, they’re going to be real frustrated,” said Ronald Abrams, joint executive director of the National Veterans Legal Services Program. “It’s combat — the VA is not playing nice, because you’re in court and it’s an adversarial process.” [more]

Released 9/18/14 | Tags: Veteran's Benefits

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