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Veterans Claiming Disability Pay Face Wall of Denials and Delays

The veterans benefits system started more than a century ago, and in the time since — as new wars stacked on entitlements and new abuses stacked on reforms — it has grown into an unruly tower of regulations. It pays out more than $78 billion each year to nearly five million beneficiaries. But there are also more than 470,000 veterans who have been denied benefits and have appealed. When they do, they encounter an antiquated system where processing cases takes years — and sometimes even decades. NVLSP executive director Bart Stichman is interviewed. [more]

Released 11/13/17 | Tags: Veteran's Benefits

Feds Can’t Flee Vietnam Veterans’ Agent-Orange Benefits Suit

A U.S. Court of Federal Claims judge on Wednesday refused to grant the federal government’s request to toss a suit brought by veterans and their families who allege they have not been fully paid benefits they are entitled to stemming from the military’s use of the toxic chemical Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. [more]

Released 10/26/17 | Tags:

MN veteran’s legal battle wins billions for other vets

A Minnesota veteran’s precedent-setting legal case is forcing the Department of Veterans Affairs to change course after years of denying payment of veterans' emergency medical bills. NVLSP helped represent the veteran. A court ruled a VA policy violated federal law. As a result, the VA estimates it may be on the hook for billions of dollars in previously denied claims. [more]

Released 10/17/17 | Tags: Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, Veteran's Benefits

Federal government improperly restricting public access to court records via excessive fees

On September 5th, the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press and a coalition of 17 media organizations submitted a friend-of-the-court brief to the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia in the case of National Veterans Legal Services Program v. United States of America. The brief argues that the law requires the judicial system to limit the fees it charges people to access its Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) system to the cost of disseminating the information requested. Currently, many members of the media face prohibitive costs when trying to obtain court records to inform the public about what is happening in the judicial system. [more]

Released 9/18/17 | Tags: Class Actions

The VA ties 14 diseases to Agent Orange. It will decide whether to add more by Nov. 1

VA Secretary David J. Shulkin will decide “on or before” Nov. 1 whether to add to the list of medical conditions the Department of Veteran Affairs presumes are associated to Agent Orange or other herbicides sprayed during the Vietnam War, a department spokesman said Tuesday in response to our inquiry. Any ailments Shulkin might add to VA’s list of 14 “presumptive diseases” linked to herbicide exposure would make many more thousands of Vietnam War veterans eligible for VA disability compensation and health care. [more]

Released 8/3/17 | Tags: Agent Orange

Federal suit claims government overcharges for court records

Members of the public using the federal court database to access court records may be part of a class action lawsuit, which alleges the U.S. government overcharges for federal court records. Filed April 21, 2016, the suit alleges the cost of producing court records electronically has increased twice since 2002, when Congress passed the E-Government Act of 2002, which sought to cap rising court record costs. NVLSP is one of the plaintiffs. [more]

Released 6/26/17 | Tags: Class Actions

VA Secretary Takes Heat For 2018 Budget

enators and veterans castigated the new head of the Department of Veterans Affairs for proposing to pull benefits from older, disabled veterans to expand care outside the VA in the department's latest budget proposal. [more]

Released 6/15/17 | Tags: Supporters

The pro claimers: W&M and Starbucks share a cup with veterans

“They thought, if two well-educated lawyers are having trouble with this process, what is some young servicemember — just back from Afghanistan, potentially suffering from a traumatic brain injury — supposed to do?” recalls Jeff Bozman J.D. ’12, who came to the law school from the Marine Corps in the clinic’s early days. [more]

Released 5/1/17 | Tags: Veteran's Benefits

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