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New VA rule threatens disability benefits; NVLSP offers tip to safeguard them (Veterans Life)

Released 4/8/15 at Veterans Life (Naval Base Kitsap, Washington) | Tags:

A rule by the Department of Veterans Affairs recently came into effect, which will end much of the informal claims process for VA disability benefits. The rule, according to a press release issued by the National Veterans Legal Services Program, became effective March 24, 2015, and limits the types of inferred claims VA will allow, leaving “injured and disabled veterans at a serious disadvantage when applying for VA disability compensation.” The NVLSP press release states that there are two aspects of the rule that are particularly important: First, the rule eliminates the right of a veteran to initiate the VA adjudication process by writing a plain letter to the VA seeking a specific benefit; and second, the VA will now severely limit the type of benefits that will be adjudicated when presented with a disability benefits claim.

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