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Major Development in Class Action Lawsuit to Help Veterans With PTSD

Potential Payment of Millions of Dollars in Benefits for Iraq & Afghanistan Vets with PTSD, News Conference on Monday, January 25 at 1pm at the National Press Club

A recent development in the class action lawsuit, Sabo v. United States, will likely result in the payment of millions of dollars in financial benefits and improved healthcare for thousands of Iraq & Afghanistan veterans diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and their families. This landmark development will be discussed by attorneys and a veteran plaintiff at a news conference being held on Monday, January 25 at 1:00pm at the National Press Club. An important deadline for an estimated 4,300 eligible veterans will be announced. [more]

Released 1/21/10 | Tags: Class Actions, PTSD

Salon.com Recording Says Medical Provider Pressured to Mis-Diagnose Soldier’s PTSD

Military’s investigation admits potential systemic flaws in how wounded warriors are diagnosed & evaluated, NVLSP’s Bart Stichman, named in today’s Salon.com article, available for interview

A story running today on Salon.com details how a recording that revealed pressure from the military to mis-diagnose a soldier’s post-traumatic stress disorder, made its way to an outreach worker with the National Veterans Legal Services Program (NVLSP), and ultimately, to the upper levels of the Pentagon and the Senate Armed Services Committee.Sergeant X, the designation given by Salon to the wounded soldier in today’s story, is a client of NVLSP’s Lawyers Serving Warriors™ project, which provides free legal help to active duty personnel and veterans who served in Iraq or Afghanistan and are facing administrative separation, going through a medical or physical evaluation board, or applying for VA benefits. These proceedings determine the benefits they and their families will receive from the military for life. [more]

Released 4/9/09 | Tags: PTSD

“Serving Our Warriors” Reception and Fundraiser to Supporter Veterans & Service Members

Awards Ceremony to Honor World War II veteran Senator Daniel Inouye and Vietnam veteran Tom Ridge

On March 18, veterans and service members will be honored for their dedication and military service in a “Serving Our Warriors” reception and fundraiser held by the NVLSP at the offices of WilmerHale at 1875 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW at 6:00 p.m. Two veterans, who have long served our nation through public policy leadership will be honored during the event – World War II veteran Senator Daniel Inouye, and Vietnam veteran Governor Tom Ridge – and funds raised will support NVLSP and its efforts to provide legal representation to military service members and veterans, and to train lawyers and advocates to assist them. [more]

Released 3/16/09 | Tags: Supporters

NVLSP Sues Army for Denying Lifetime Benefits & Healthcare to Thousands of Veterans with PTSD

Advocates say veterans from Iraq & Afghanistan were shortchanged the support they are entitled to

In a class action lawsuit filed on December 17, 2008 in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, the NVLSP charged that for many years, the U.S. Army shortchanged an entire class of soldiers who returned from service in Iraq and Afghanistan with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from the benefits to which they are entitled. The five veterans of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan filing suit in the case seek to represent the large number of soldiers the Army found to be unfit for continued military service because of their PTSD, but who then were illegally deprived of the disability benefits and free health care to which they were entitled under federal law. [more]

Released 12/18/08 | Tags: Class Actions, PTSD

NVLSP Lawyers Serving Warriors Program Helps Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Get Benefits & Healthcare

NVLSP Advocates say free legal services for wounded and discharged veteranswill help those returning from war with PTSD and other injuries

Legal eagles are descending into the emerging healthcare crisis over how injured and disabled veterans serving in Iraq and Afghanistan are treated through a new program called Lawyers Serving Warriors ™. Organized by the NVLSP, Lawyers Serving Warriors ™ offers free legal help to active duty personnel who served in Iraq or Afghanistan and are facing administrative separation, or going through a mental or physical evaluation board. They also help Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who have received an inappropriate discharge or disability rating, or are having difficulty with a claim with the VA for disability compensation, or a claim for Traumatic Servicemembers Group Life Insurance benefits. [more]

Released 12/3/08 | Tags: PTSD

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