ALS:  Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

AMAP V:  Army Medical Action Plan; study released by the Army in October 2007 that details the mental health of the Army.

CBOCs: Community Based Outpatient Clinics, smaller health clinics run by the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA).

CHAMPVA:  Civilian Health and Medical Program of VA

Claim:  A formal disability request routed through the DVA.

COE:  Certificate of Eligibility 

C&P:  Compensation and Pension

CRDP:  Concurrent Retirement and Disability Payments

CRSC:  Combat-Related Special Compensation

CWT:  Compensated Work Therapy

CZTE:  Combat Zone Tax Exclusion

DIC:  Dependency and Indemnity Compensation

DOD:  Department of Defense

FHA:  Federal Housing Administration

FSGLI:  Family Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance

HUD:  Department of Housing and Urban Development

IRR:   Individual Ready Reserve

MGIB:  Montgomery GI Bill

MHAT:  Military Health Advisory Team.  The fifth study was completed in the spring of 2008 and recommended an increase in mental health professionals on the ground during combat, and further follow-up care made available and without stigma to soldiers after they return from war.

MIA:  Missing in Action

MTBI:  Mild Traumatic Brain Injury; caused from a relatively mild blow to the brain that causes just enough physical injury that normal brain functions of memory, attention, mental organization, and logical thinking may be compromised.

NPRC:  National Personnel Records Center

NSLI:   National Service Life Insurance

OEF:  Operation Enduring Freedom; refers to the military operation in Afghanistan.

OIF:  Operation Iraqi Freedom; refers to military operations in Iraq includes casualties that occurred between March 19, 2003, and August 31, 2010, in the Arabian Sea, Bahrain, Gulf of Aden, Gulf of Oman, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Persian Gulf, Qatar, Red Sea, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates. Military service in these locations prior to March 19, 2003 would be considered part of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF).

OND: Operation New Dawn; refers to military operations in Iraq that occurred between September 1, 2010, and December 31, 2011, in the Arabian Sea, Bahrain, Gulf of Aden, Gulf of Oman, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Persian Gulf, Qatar, Red Sea, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates.

OPM:  Office of Personnel Management

POW:  Prisoner of War

PTSD:  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; an anxiety disorder that can occur after you have been through a traumatic event.

Psychiatric Status:  A review of past and current psychological symptoms, and of traumatic experiences during military service.

RIF:  Reduction in Force

Sabo: NVLSP's historic class action lawsuit, Sabo v. United States

SAH:  Specially Adapted Housing

SBA:  Small Business Administration

SGLI:  Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance

Social History:  A review of family, work, and educational experiences before, during, and after military service.

SSI:  Supplemental Security Income

SSB:  Special Separation Benefits

S-DVI:  Service-Disabled Veterans’ Insurance

TAP:  Transition Assistance Program

TBI:  Traumatic Brain Injury; sudden trauma causes damage to the brain.

TSGLI:  Traumatic Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance

USCIS:  U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

USDA:  U.S. Department of Agriculture

VA: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

VEAP:  Veterans Educational Assistance Program

VEOA:  Veterans’ Employment Opportunities Act

VGLI:  Veterans’ Group Life Insurance

VHA:  Veterans Health Administration

VMET:  Verification of Military Experience and Training

VMLI:  Veterans’ Mortgage Life Insurance

VR&E:  Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment

VSI:  Voluntary Separation Incentive

VSO:  Veterans Service Organization (VFW, American Legion, AmVets).  They can provide service officers at no cost to the veteran to help with paperwork involved with filing a claim.


WAAC:  Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps

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