What We Do

Imagine enlisting in the military and proudly serving your country. You put your life on the line each and every day with conviction and courage. Then imagine you are injured or disabled in the line of duty and your country delays or even refuses to provide you and your family with the care or benefits you desperately need and to which you are entitled by law. Unbelievably, this is happening every day to far too many of America’s wounded warriors and their families.

The National Veterans Legal Services Program has worked since 1981 to ensure that the government delivers to our nation's 22 million veterans and active duty personnel the benefits to which they are entitled because of disabilities resulting from their military service to our country.

We accomplish our mission through:

Lawyers Serving Warriors®

NVLSP’s Lawyers Serving Warriors® program provides free legal representation to veterans and active duty personnel through a national network of major law firms and corporate legal departments. Through this program, veterans receive free representation in proceedings before military administrative discharge boards, military medical and physical disability evaluation boards, military discharge review agencies, VA regional offices, the Board of Veterans' Appeals, and the courts that review the decisions of these agencies.

Individual Representation

By using their legal expertise, advanced advocacy skills, and extensive knowledge of veterans law, National Veterans Legal Services Program attorneys help veterans free of charge in their battle to secure the proper disability benefits from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs and the military service departments.

Burn Pits Claims Assistance Program

NVLSP is expanding its representation of veterans to include cases before the VA on claims for service-connected disability benefits for diseases arising from exposure to burn pits overseas. If you or someone you know served on a base where burn pits were used to dispose of paint, medical/human waste, metals, plastics, rubber, etc., and you are currently seeking service-connected compensation for a condition, respiratory or otherwise, that you believe resulted from your exposure to these burn pits, NVLSP may be able to help.

Class Actions

Since its founding, the National Veterans Legal Services Program has used its expertise in veterans law to change the lives of veterans and their families. Through class action lawsuits, NVLSP brings claims on behalf of large groups of individuals who have been wrongfully denied the benefits they have earned through their service to our country.

Training and Mentorship

NVLSP leverages its expertise in veterans law by recruiting, training and mentoring both lawyer and non-lawyer advocates to help veterans secure their hard-earned benefits. NVLSP trains lawyer and non-lawyer advocates to represent veterans before the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, arming them with knowledge of veterans law, winning techniques and legal arguments.


The publication of advocacy materials is designed to both increase the pool of advocates available to veterans and their families, as well as to empower advocates in the effective representation of their clients. NVLSP's Veterans Benefits Manual, Veterans Benefits Advocacy DVD, The Veterans Advocate and The Basic Training Course on Veterans Benefits are designed to be working tools for veterans’ service officers, attorneys, and others who assist veterans and their families on claims for VA benefits.

What We Do

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