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Federal Court Orders U.S. Government to Pay Full Amount of CRSC to Approximately 9,000 Veterans

Federal Court Orders United States Government to Pay Full Amount of Combat-Related Special Compensation to Approximately 9,000 Veterans FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -December 17, 2021 WASHINGTON – On December 16, 2021, a federal court in Texas ordered the government to make retroactive payments … [more]

Released 12/17/21 | Tags: Class Actions, Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC), Veteran's Benefits

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Military Shorts Veterans on CRSC Benefits, Class Action Claims

Released 3/9/17 at Top Class Actions | Tags: Class Actions, Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC)

A retired Marine says the military has been short-changing veterans on retroactive Combat-Related Special Compensation benefits. Plaintiff Simon Soto, who served two tours in Iraq in the Marine Corps, claims branches of the U.S. military have been misapplying a limitations statute to improperly limit veterans’ entitlement to CRSC benefits.The National Veterans Legal Services Program (NVLSP) filed this class action lawsuit on behalf of Soto. The NVLSP is a non-profit organization dedicated to making sure both veterans and those actively serving in the military get the “federal benefits they have earned through their service to our country.” [more]

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