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NVLSP Releases 2020 Report on Pro Bono Program: Lawyers Serving Warriors®

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NVLSP Releases 2020 Report on Pro Bono Program: Lawyers Serving Warriors®


WASHINGTON - The National Veterans Legal Services Program (NVLSP) today released its 2020 Report on its Pro Bono Program: Lawyers Serving Warriors® (LSW).  The Report details the commitment and life-changing work of NVLSP’s pro bono partners at law firms and corporate legal departments.  In 2020, NVLSP’s pro bono partners donated over 60,000 hours in pro bono time to veterans, with an approximate value of over $40 million.

“During Pro Bono Week, we are pleased to highlight the extraordinary work our pro bono partners accomplished in the midst of a pandemic to ensure our veterans received the benefits they were wrongfully denied,” said NVLSP Executive Director Paul Wright.

NVLSP’s Lawyers Serving Warriors® program assists veterans and servicemembers in several areas. Some of the most common include:

• Military Medical Retirement
• Discharge Upgrades
• Personality Disorder Discharges
• Combat-Related Special Compensation
• Military Sexual Trauma
• Appeals
• Systemic Reform Projects

Here’s just one example of the complex and impactful work done through NVLSP’s LSW program and its pro bono partners.  NVLSP sought a discharge upgrade at the Army Board for Correction of Military Records, on behalf of a Vietnam War veteran who had received two Purple Hearts and the Combat Infantryman Badge. The veteran was separated Under Other than Honorable Conditions due to going Absent Without Leave (AWOL). The volunteers obtained an independent medical opinion from a physician in NVLSP’s medical-legal partnership who opined that the veteran was likely suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) at the time of his service and that PTSD or PTSD-like symptoms contributed to his decision to go AWOL. The Board found that the veteran’s PTSD mitigated the misconduct and that positive post-discharge conduct supported clemency. The veteran’s discharge was upgraded to fully Honorable, making him eligible for VA disability compensation and other VA benefits. 

You can access NVLSP’s 2020 Pro Bono Report here.

The National Veterans Legal Services Program (NVLSP) is an independent, nonprofit veterans service organization that has served active duty military personnel and veterans since 1981. NVLSP strives to ensure that our nation honors its commitment to its 22 million veterans and active duty personnel by ensuring they have the benefits they have earned through their service to our country. NVLSP has represented veterans in lawsuits that compelled enforcement of the law where the VA or other military services denied benefits to veterans in violation of the law. NVLSP’s success in these lawsuits has resulted in more than $5.2 billion dollars being awarded in disability, death and medical benefits to hundreds of thousands of veterans and their survivors. NVLSP offers training for attorneys and other advocates; connects veterans and active duty personnel with pro bono legal help when seeking disability benefits; publishes the nation's definitive guide on veteran benefits; and represents and litigates for veterans and their families before the VA, military discharge review agencies and federal courts. For more information go to www.nvlsp.org.
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