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NVLSP Supports Social Justice and Racial Equity

Released 6/4/20 | Tags:

NVLSP Supports Social Justice and Racial Equity

The senseless death of George Floyd and too many others serves as a tragic reminder of the racial injustice and systemic inequality that exists in our society today.

The National Veterans Legal Services Program (NVLSP) stands united with the millions of voices raised in the pursuit of racial equality and justice for all. Indeed, NVLSP’s foundation is rooted in seeking fair and balanced treatment for all veterans.  

Our hearts and support go out to all who are grieving and lawfully exercising the right to protest. We also decry those who would mar the peaceful demonstrations with wanton violence and destruction.

Through our mission and core programs, we affirm our steadfast commitment to fight racial injustice and advance fair and equitable treatment for all.

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